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Eating Triggers

Triggers that cause you to eat can include Stress, Anxiety and Depression

There are lots of reasons that trigger us to eat maybe we want some sort of pleasure, comfort or reassurance or support. Does any of these sound familiar?Are You Really Hungry?

1/ Stress and anxiety

  • When stress rears its ugly head, do you calm yourself with comfort food?
  • Does a packet of tortilla chips and dip make you feel any better?

2/ loneliness

  • Does a Saturday afternoon home alone lead you to eating more than your share?
  • Do you find yourself in the kitchen reaching out for the biscuit tin when you feel a twinge of loneliness?


  • Do you get the urge to over-eat when you are mad at someone, annoyed or frustrated with yourself?
  • How often do you find yourself with the fridge door in your hand – open - ready to reach?

4/ PMS

  • Do cravings coincide with your monthly cycle?
  • Are you constantly hungry during your period?
  • Do you end up in the newsagents in front of the chocolates?

5/ sadness and depression

  • When you are feeling down, does it seem you can never feel full?
  • Do you feel so bad that only binge eating reduces the sadness?
  • We all have different reasons for giving in to eating triggers.

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