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The Effects of Stress

Stress isn’t something you Catch from someone else

Stress is not something someone does to you or something you can catch. There is no stress out there. It is something you’ve manufactured personally and tailored to your own unique tastes.

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> YOU make the decisions

You make the decisions about what you want to be stressed about. Whether it’s losing car keys, missing your train, boredom or coping with a child or toddler. Hundreds of times a day we activate our own personal stress response.

> brains buzzing

Our brains start buzzing and breathing becomes faster as we get tense and tight, and if this response becomes habitual, we start to experience negative emotions like anger, sadness, low self esteem and anxiety.

> creatures of comfort

We are like creatures of comfort. We need a break and look for some pleasure to ease the pain, and as a result reach out for the quick fixes like eating, smoking and drinking. This results in short term relief followed by long term intensification for the stress symptoms.

> stress doesn't exsist

Sadly stress doesn’t actually exist. It’s a simple matter of reversing our normal process and relaxing. This takes practice and the decision to change but that’s all there is to it.

> how imagine yourself slim can help

On the ‘Imagine Yourself Slim' 6 week course your body will become fitter and stronger. On top of this your mind will learn to let go and relax. Go to the courses page for more information.

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