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Don't Eat when you're Not Hungry

Everything you Eat when you're Not Hungry turns to Fat

Metabolism is really about how your body takes the food and converts it into to energy, and it’s the equivalent of putting petrol in your car to make it work. The faster your metabolism the faster your body does everything, from adjusting your body temperature to growing your finger nails.

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> on the 'iys' course...

Kate will show you how to speed up your metabolism, and how to super charge it too.

> remember...

If you starve your body it goes into fat storage mode. Your metabolism slows right down you feel tired and completely uninterested in exercise. This is because when you starve yourself, your body will try to compensate by shutting down your metabolism...


It wants to conserve energy, so it will slow all your energy systems down to a minimum and leach anything it can turn into fat (stored energy) in your body.

> on the other hand...

When you eat whenever you are hungry, your body learns it has plenty of fuel. It cranks up your metabolism so that energy can be used quickly and efficiently. This is because it knows that energy will be replenished as needed it doesn’t bother to store any additional fat reserves, and you not only look thin but are filled with energy as well.

> the traditional way...

To increase your metabolic rate is through exercise, which means, anything you do that causes you to breathe more deeply or cause your heart rate to speed up - is exercise.

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