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Hunger Scale

Recognize Real Hunger

Find out how Hungry you Really Are by using the Hunger Scale

Hunger is the only good reason for eating. Most overweight people have got into the habit of eating when they are not hungry. Slim people eat based on how hungry they feel before a meal.

Many people have forgotten how to eat when they’re hungry and most diets tell you to ignore pleasure and ignore hunger and they also tell you when/how much and exactly what to eat.

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> How do you learn to recognize the signals of hunger...

...and satisfaction to allow living a healthy lifestyle?

The Answer: Some people do not feel any physical hunger i.e. they don't experience any body or physical signals of hunger. Others are aware of these feelings but don't pay sufficient attention to them. They seldom use them to decide when and how much they shall eat.

> in both cases you should aim... begin to tune into the feeling of being hungry so that you can begin to eat and stop on the basis of the reality you experience from within. Learn to get in touch with your bodily feelings and listen to them for signals of hunger.

> the abilitly to feel hunger and satisfaction...

...CAN BE LEARNED. You need to lie down with eyes closed in a quiet room and concentrate on the body's signals, and try to separate them. It is important to correctly identify those feelings which are not real hunger but which are experienced as hunger or a need to eat. When you can identify and interpret these feelings, it is easier to differentiate false from true hunger or satisfaction.

> the next time YOU THINK IT'S TIME TO EAT...

...practice the following exercise: Use the hunger scale: Click here.

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