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The Science behind Food

Science is constantly Researching the link between plenty of Fresh Natural Fruit & Vegetables with Good Health

A recent survey at the American institute for cancer research estimates that as may as 40% of all cancers in men and 60% of those in women are linked to poor diet.

Fancy Eating Some Fruit? image

> we are all natural, organic...

...creatures. We are not made of additives, chemicals and preservatives. Our bodies naturally want fresh healthy fruit and vegetables to keep us in good healthy, energy and vitality.

> an easy way... change your body is to eat the highest quality, lowest fat and highest volume foods, these are complex carbohydrates which release energy over a long time and stop you feeling hungry. For example:

  • Bread
  • Cereals
  • Grains
  • Potatoes
  • They are high in nutritional value, unless
    they've been processed or refined.

> up to 25% of...

...the calorific content can be burned up during digestion. They should provide about 50% of our daily diet and wherever possible choose unprocessed whole grain, or products made with unrefined flour and no added sugars or salt. These contain lots of fibre and give plenty of energy.


> processed food like...

...white flour/rice normal past and most bread have lost their tough seeds and fibres which help the gut deal with the food and contain some of the vitamins and mineral as well. These refined foods are lower in fibre and nutritional value.

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