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Transform your Focus

Are you the First to Jump on the Bandwagon for New Diets?

Just like fashion, diets come and go, and you hope to pick the one that lasts.

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> here are a few diet tips

  • No food or diet provides the magic answer to health or weight loss.

  • Eliminating food groups or not combining certain foods simply decreases variety and nutrition, not weight.

  • Buying special products, supplements, or formulas will only decrease the weight of your purse. If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is.

> diets can make you...

...uneasy about food and upsets your metabolism. Imagine….you are prepared to shelve your belief in dieting and imagine yourself like a slim person…how do you get there?

> start by believing... yourself as a slim person. If you constantly think of yourself as overweight then you will not find it easy to lose the weight and keep it off. Focus on what you really want not what you don’t want, imagine how you would like to be, see a big picture of yourself, looking fantastic in your bathing suit, how good would you be feeling?


> slim people...

...have a much better self-image and getting slimmer involves having a more positive picture of yourself NOT seeing yourself as you are now focusing on ‘the extras’ around your waist or tummy or wherever you find them!


> finally

Get that great confident feeling, by creating how you would like to be.

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