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Emotional Freedom Technique for Weight Loss

EFT is quickly gathering a Strong Following wherever a Practitioner Works

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  • EFT is very similar to acupuncture except without the needles. It is known as an ‘Energy Therapy’, which runs along energy meridians (or pathways) throughout the body.

  • Tapping on the various points around the face & body realigns the subtle energies and allows them to flow freely, thus releasing the blocked or locked in feelings, which have been causing the problem.


  • Emotional freedom techniques have an extremely high success rate - usually 50-80% - which means that it is not simply a placebo effect.

  • EFT is an easy to learn, easy to use method of eliminating the blocked emotional passages, and interrupting your habitual thought patterns.


On the ‘Imagine Yourself Slim’ 6 week course I will be teaching you EFT which will provide two remarkable benefits for weight loss that sets it apart from other methods:

  • 1/ EFT Eliminates Your Immediate Cravings: Using EFT for 1 or 2 minutes captures your cravings 80% of the time so that you no longer need to "eat when you are not hungry." This feature surprises most newcomers.

  • 2/ EFT Eliminates Emotional Overeating: If you have been using food to "tranquilize" years of past emotional hurts, then you will find EFT to be your best friend. EFT brings you emotional peace which, in turn, leads easily to more sensible eating habits. This emotional contributor, which EFT handles so nicely, is the missing piece in most weight loss programs.

This is a hugely beneficial tool to be able to use to assist you in moving forward to that ultimate goal of becoming slimmer fitter and healthier.

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