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Imagine Yourself Slim Courses

Become Slimmer, Calmer, Happier and more Healthy!

> how long is the course?

It lasts 6 weeks, with one hour sessions each week. You will be taught how to break your eating habits, assisting you in empowering yourself to change and working on a new perspective... and take your first step to a slimmer, calmer, happier, and healthier life!

> refresher courses

Kate also holds refresher courses as and when you feel the need for back up support.


> what kate covers on the refresher course:

1/ Rebooting our minds of all the major subjects covered on the course, incorporating the 3 key points to stopping overeating:

  • Eat only when we are hungry.
  • Focused eating.
  • Stop when we are moderately full.

2/ Discussing what areas we are not finding completely easy and working with this.

3/ Continuing to focus on control of our feelings towards food allowing us to put our cravings behind us.

> what you will learn >

Click here to find out what you will learn on the IYS course.

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