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IYS by Phone

Phone Sessions by Imagine Yourself Slim

Kate has been practicing ‘Imagine Yourself Slim’ Phone Sessions with Great Success

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The advantages of telephone therapy, over in-office face-to-face work are amazing. The primary advantage is that you can work with someone who is simply not available in your area.

> same places have no trained...

...therapists, and telephone work is the only way to get the right help

> but even in large metropolitan...

...areas in the London region it is sometimes difficult to find someone trained in a particular method or has a number of methods to call on that you trust.

How IYS phone sessions work

  • Sessions are 60 minutes in length. All appointments are made in advance, with the date and time prearranged.

  • ‘Imagine Yourself Slim’ phone appointment times are Mondays and Tuesdays, day and evening; and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

  • The fee for a telephone ‘Imagine Yourself Slim’ 6 weekly sessions are £200. The client does not pay the long distance charges. This service is covered by the company. Payment needs to be received 24 hours before the session. Most people send a cheque made payable to Kate Hudson-Hall.

  • Please note that at present it is not an option to use a webcam, MSN messenger or Skype (because they are not sufficiently reliable. Hopefully the technology will improve).

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